Web performance audit

Is your site slow? Are your visitors complaining about it and your conversion rates are suffering? Don’t let your business suffer from performance issues.

By performing a detailed audit, the Web Performance Agency will allow you to know very specifically the weak points of your site in terms of web performance and User Experience.

The audit offers an exhaustive and concrete vision that goes far beyond what can be obtained elsewhere, whether through online tools or generalist agencies. Our specialist approach makes all the difference.

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Web performance audit

We audit all CMS. Even in-house!


Web performance audit

An approach that makes our experts the solution to your problems

Our web performance experts do everything possible to ensure that our services bring you added value and satisfaction.

Focus on Core Web Vitals

Our audits are focused on the Core Web Vitals in order to be as close as possible to Google’s expectations. This allows us to prioritize the corrections according to the weaknesses highlighted in the Search Console in order to obtain concrete effects on the field data (CrUX) quickly.

User and SEO impact

Each detected problem is accompanied by detailed explanations of its concrete effects, both for visitors in terms of User Experience (UX) and for search engines and indexing robots (SEO oriented approach).

Detailed recommendations

For each issue, we provide sound advice on the best way to correct it, taking into account your situation (server technologies, CMS used, available budget, etc.). These operational recommendations facilitate the definition of an action plan.

3 key steps

Three steps to make your job easier

Our performance audit services take place in 3 main steps.

The goal? To simplify the task of your teams.

Technical alignment

We meet with you by videoconference to get to know you, with a specific focus on the technical environment of your website. The objective is to understand your problems, the steps that may have already been taken and your objectives in terms of web performance. This is the assurance of a service that perfectly meets your needs.

Technical alignment
Website audit

Website audit

Our web performance experts perform a complete audit of your site. They consolidate the detected problems into a detailed deliverable and provide a list of operational recommendations. Our pragmatic and concrete approach guarantees the effectiveness of future corrections.

Presentation of the deliverable

We meet a second time by videoconference to present the deliverable to your internal teams or your usual development agency. This is an essential moment of exchange to ensure that the operational recommendations are understood and will be prioritized in an optimal way in the roadmap.

Presentation of the deliverable

A la carte options to meet all your needs

Data-driven audit

Prior to the intervention, we insert a tag on your site to collect performance data from your real users. This field data is used to identify problem patterns more accurately. Recommendations are accompanied by more in-depth examples.

Prioritization of recommendations

We classify our recommendations according to their impact on performance and their complexity (deployment time). We realize your webperf roadmap from A to Z. By default, only priorities and quick wins are reported.

Acceptance testing

We monitor the effectiveness of your development teams’ deployments once the corrections have been implemented on the environment of your choice (pre-production or production). We provide you with a dashboard for this purpose. A technical exchange point is carried out in video-conference.

Data-driven audit
Prioritization of recommendations
Continuous or final acceptance

Some of our references

They entrusted us with the audit of their site

These clients have relied on our web performance expertise to audit their site.

Sergent Major
UP energie
Légimédia Convention

Frequently asked questions

Why do a web performance audit?

Conducting a performance audit allows us to detect the concrete problems of your site, those that impact your loading times, and therefore the user experience and SEO visibility. Our specialized expertise is the best way to identify what needs to be changed by your front-end development teams. And therefore to correct them quickly and durably.

Should I opt for an audit or an optimization?

It depends on the maturity of your development teams. If the tools and the stack are perfectly mastered, you can choose an audit rather than an optimization by us. If this is not the case, we advise you to rely on our experience so that we carry out the identified modifications on your site ourselves.

Which CMS can you audit?

We perform audits of all sites, no matter what they are. This includes sites designed under WordPress, Prestashop, Shopify, Magento, SalesForce Commerce Cloud, SAP Commerce Cloud (ex Hybris), Drupal, etc. But also custom sites developed on demand.

Can you audit an SPA in Angular or React?

Absolutely, our expertise extensively covers the audit of Single Page Applications (SPA) developed using frameworks like Angular, React / Next / Redux, and VueJS/Nuxt. These modern frameworks, while increasingly efficient, present specific challenges in terms of web performance.

A particular focus is thus placed on client-side rendering, state management, and optimization of the initial load. Our analysis concentrates on these crucial aspects, utilizing advanced tools and methodologies: it’s the assurance of optimal performance for your web application.

How to prioritize operational recommendations?

The recommendations of our performance audits are broken down by issue: images, JavaScript, CSS, fonts, server, UX/UI, etc. We indicate via pictograms 2 types of recommendations: priorities (significant performance gains but with development needs) and “Quick wins” (easy and quick to implement but with variable performance gains).

How much does a web performance audit cost?

The service is offered as a fixed price package. Prioritization and/or acceptance options can be added to this package. We can provide you with a quote upon request by email or phone.

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